zoom teeth whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration is a common issue that can take the shine out of an otherwise beautiful smile. Whether it’s the result of too many stain-causing foods or drinks, smoking or tobacco products, or the aging process, it’s fairly easy for your teeth to become stained or discolored, and it’s not so easy to restore their former glow on your own. That’s why the dental team at Bliss Dentistry offers Zoom teeth whitening to all of our patients looking to regain their bright and healthy smiles.

What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is a popular procedure used to treat discolored teeth using a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening formula and a special laser lamp known as a Zoom light. The process is simple: the formula is applied to the patient’s teeth, and the Zoom light activates it, improving its whitening abilities considerably and causing no structural changes to the teeth.

The Zoom teeth whitening process is a quick and easy one, typically taking under an hour to complete. For a good portion of that time, you’ll simply be relaxing and allowing the Zoom light and the whitening formula to take effect. Your dentist may also send you home with an aftercare kit and some instructions on using it.

What causes teeth staining?

If you’re dedicated to your daily oral hygiene routine, and you still find that your teeth have become discolored over time, don’t be surprised. There are a few reasons why discoloration occurs, and some can’t necessarily be stopped with consistent brushing and flossing.

Food and Drink

There are a number of different foods and drinks that are known to cause considerable tooth-staining. Foods include tomato sauce, dark-colored fruits such as blueberries and blackberries, soy sauce, and curry. Drinks include coffee, tea, wine, fruit juices, and dark-colored sodas.


Smoking or using any kind of tobacco product can cause a yellowing or general discoloration of the teeth. Avoiding it will help keep your teeth brighter and healthier looking, and it will help you prevent a variety of other health issues.

The Aging Process

Yes, simply getting older can be the culprit behind tooth discoloration. While this is obviously nothing you can avoid, you can turn to Zoom teeth whitening to help you regain that bright, beautiful smile when time causes your teeth to lose their luster.

Interested in Zoom teeth whitening in Campbell?

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