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Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are used to repair teeth with decay, chips, cracks, and cavities. They can also fix the closing space between two teeth and teeth that have worn out. Composite fillings are tooth-colored and fabricated from a mixture of plastic and powdered glass. They, being tooth-colored, are often used for cosmetic enhancements.

What are the benefits of composite fillings?

  • Composite fillings are tooth-colored and blend in really well with the neighboring teeth. They give a very natural appearance to teeth.

  • Other fillings don't directly bond to the teeth but composite filling directly bonds to the tooth structure and strengthens it immensely.

  • The placement of composite fillings requires less drilling.

  • Composite fillings are easily tolerated by the surrounding gum tissues and do not cause irritability or sensitivity.

  • In the case of minor cracks, chips, or damage, composite fillings can be easily repaired.

  • Composite fillings are easily placed and take only a few seconds to harden.

How are composite fillings placed?

The placement of composite fillings is not at all complicated and requires a single visit to the dentist. Your dentist will numb the tooth that needs composite fillings and also the surrounding area. The decay is removed using special dental tools, and the hollow created by removing the decay is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The tooth is then shaped and prepared to receive the composite filling. The filling is applied in layers and carefully shaped and placed to restore the tooth to its original shape and function. Once the filling has hardened, your doctor will smoothen and polish it to prevent unnecessary wear.

At Bliss Dentistry, composite fillings are routine for us. We have perfected our technique and our staff is trained and ready to make your visit go as smooth and painless as possible.

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